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About Us

AEGIS International Insurance Corporation, a duly licensed insurance broker in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

It has provided insurance coverage, risk management and employee benefit packages to individuals, businesses, and corporations in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean since 1975.

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Cost-Effective Risk Management Solutions

Creativity. Experience. Tenacity

These are the qualities that distinguish AEGIS in today’s competitive Insurance industry.
  • Creativity to design innovative risk Management & employee benefits solutions that meet the clients particular needs.
  • Experience to formulate cost-effective risk management and insurance programs.
  • Tenacity to overcome obstacles in securing the insurance covers at the best available terms and conditions.
  • AEGIS has evidenced these qualities in protecting clients income, liabilities and assets while minimizing their exposure to loss.


Started business in 1975, originally as Fred S. James of Puerto Rico, Inc., later as Sedgwick James of Puerto Rico, Inc., and since 1998 as AEGIS International Insurance Corporation, providing services to clients from every sector of the Puerto Rican community. As a duly licensed insurance broker in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, provides insurance brokerage, risk management and employee benefits services to clients in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Forty (40) years of experience provide AEGIS with an unique local perspective of risk management expertise.

AEGIS is a full service brokerage firm with a creative and effective approach to the continuing challenges faced by our clients risk management issues.

AEGIS has established correspondent relationships to access carriers with global presence and specialized insurance products such as:

Worldwide Brokers Network (WBN): The World’s largest international grouping of Independent Insurance Brokers operating on the basis of a cohesive and streamline structure. Member firms are represented in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Far East and Australia.

WBN member since the year 2000, providing access to the resource and services of more than a 100 partner firms members with over 10,000 employees in more than 500 cities, 100 countries on 6 continents for 25 years, with total premiums in excess of $10 billion.

AEGIS is the exclusive member in Puerto Rico of this prestigious network of independent insurance brokers.
Falcon Insurance Agency: Aviation Insurance specialists with offices across the U.S.A

We, at AEGIS, are able to manage almost every Risk.

AEGIS International Insurance Corporation